Lose Belly Fat7 Amazing Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast (Based on Science)

7 Amazing Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast (Based on Science)

Want to lose belly fat as fast as possible? Well, you are at the right place! In this post, I will disclose 7 of the best tips to lose belly fat fast. When most people talk about fat, they dumb it down to something you can lose in a few days or a week tops. If you’re also guilty of thinking of belly fat as a simple subject, you’re most likely going to give up (or already have) when you don’t get the desired result. 

First of all, what we need to understand about belly fat is that the rate at which you lose it largely depends on how long it took you to gain that fat in the first place i.e. if you’ve been binge eating processed foods and saturated fats for over ten years, you shouldn’t expect to lose that fat in anything less than 3 months. 

The most effective and best way to lose belly fat is by having a belly fat diet plan that will dictate your do’s and don’ts concerning your eating and lifestyle habits.

Here are seven (7) tips to get you started on your way to losing excess belly fat.

7 of the Best Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast at Home

  1. Change the Way You Think

Before you can undergo any major life changes, you’ll require a fundamental change in your mindset and this includes losing weight. A psychological transformation needs to occur before anything physical can take place because to make substantial change, you have to be conscious and aware of the decisions that you make. Taking this first step will ensure that you will keep up with any changes you end up making in your diet and lifestyle.

  1. Reduce Your Carb Intake instead of Fats

When people hear the word “fat” as a food component, they usually conclude that it essentially means the fats in our body. This is however a gross misconception that you need to eliminate from your mind as soon as possible as there are two types of fats: saturated and unsaturated. 

Saturated fats are obtained from fast foods, processed foods, and dairy products, while, unsaturated fats are the healthier forms of fats you get from nuts, seeds, and fish.

Several studies have shown that a low-carb diet leads to considerably more weight loss than a low-fat diet. So, going on a low-carb diet could prove effective if you can stick to it.

  1. Stay Active

The effect that an active lifestyle has on maintaining a healthy belly fat ratio cannot be overstated as a physical activity directly affects the rate at which you burn abdominal fat. Exercise helps you lose belly fat by reducing levels of insulin being circulated in the body. Because higher insulin levels indicate to the body to retain hold on to fat, this directly cuts down on the visceral fat deposits which dominate the abdominal area. 

You don’t have to start with rigorous regimes when you’re just starting out, you can start from daily walks to jogs and then more tasking gym work when you have become accustomed to the process. 

  1. Strongly Consider Fiber-Rich Foods

The best way to lose belly fat in truth is to avoid carbs as much as possible. The major reason for this is that carbs are inherently unsatisfying, this is why we tend to consume more rice and pasta than fiber-rich foods like beans, whole grain bread, and vegetables. Fiber-rich foods fill you up faster and for a longer period which means you will most likely eat less in the long run. 

Because foods rich in carbs mostly contain glucose (a form of sugar), they are easier to break down and store away in the body. This ends up as fat deposits in specific parts of the body including the chin, arms, and most dominantly the abdominal region. Fiber-rich foods on the other hand slow down digestion, which means you eat less and stay full longer, a great way to reduce your net calorie intake. 

  1. Start Strength Training

If you’re serious about losing belly fat, eliminating excess fat, and giving your body a more defined structure then you must consider lifting weights. Full body strength training should be a vital aspect of everyone’s exercise plan because it helps build muscle to replace the excess body fat that you lose during your dietary and lifestyle changes. 

Metabolically, muscles are always active which means that you can burn more and more calories during your active and resting stages, which is a great convenience. This is an additional advantage for those who need more wiggle took in their diet because, muscle growth boosts your metabolic rate, so you can relax a little bit more on your diet plan. 

  1. Focus More on Proteinous Foods

Proteins are popular among the fitness community for a reason. They help keep you full and also repair any tears that may occur in your muscles due to your newly introduced strength training. Proteins should always be a major component of your daily calorie intake as they help you bulk up while getting rid of fat at the same time, an average of 70g a day should suffice. 

If you end up getting those hungry periods that everyone gets after an intense workout routine, consider a protein-rich snack or meal instead of giving in to the temptation of picking up some McDonalds on the way home from the gym. 

  1. Get a Handle on Your Stress Levels

It’s all good and fine to create a flexible and well-worked out eating plan to help you get rid of that excess belly fat but you also have to monitor your stress levels.

Stress is capable of totally eliminating your weight loss goals as most people tend to turn to food to alleviate stress. 

You need to find a more suitable way to deal with your stress, because when you see the negative effect that your impulsive habits on your body, it usually leads to more stress and thus, stress eating and the vicious cycle continues. Consider taking a light jog or walk, meditating, or going out with friends to deal with stress rather than eating your feelings away. 

In a Nutshell

Unlike popular belief, losing fat is as much a psychological exercise as it is a physical one. When we understand this, that making certain lifestyle changes can do a whole world of difference for your health, losing belly fat becomes more of a “when and if”’. So next time you are thinking what are the best tips to lose belly fat fast, just know it’s more about what you don’t do than what you do. 

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