Apple AirPods Pro Review - True Wireless Headphones

Apple AirPods Pro Review – The Best Wireless Headphones

Apple AirPods Pro is going to be your next perfect headphones because it has all the features that you have been looking for! You might be questioning yourself like “How could I believe that there is a pair of headphones that perfectly fit with my ear canals?” 

I had trouble choosing fit-sized headphones because my ear canals are relatively small. The Apple AirPods Pro offers three sizes of ear tips, which are soft and comfortable, but not easy to loosen. 

I usually wear headphones when I go jogging at night even on rainy days. It didn’t loosen for even a single time! Its water resistance is strong enough to keep my playlist running as usual even under heavy rain! 

With the adaptive EQs, it tunes the sound automatically according to my ear canal’s shape for better audio optimization. I can also choose to ignore other sounds except for my music during the exercise. Or just undo the anti-noise mode with a quick action when I want! 

The AirPods Pro just realizes my imaginations of ideal headphones!

The outstanding features of Apple AirPods Pro

The outstanding features of Apple AirPods Pro
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Anti-noise mode 

The Apple AirPods Pro can detect and cancel your background noise automatically. It is called active noise cancellation, an anti-noise mode. That’s why you can focus on your music, calls, and podcasts without any distraction!

Undo the anti-noise mode

If you want to hear your surroundings, you can just switch your Apple AirPods Pro to transparency mode. It can thus undo the active noise cancellation. 

You can let the outside sound go in simply by pressing and holding the force sensor. 

Soft silicone tips with three sizes

Apple AirPods Pro - Get the Ultimate Comfort
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It offers three sizes of silicone tips to choose from, giving you a sense of “customizable fit”. Those tips are easy to pop off and swap. There is also software to test if you have chosen the right size tips for yourself!

Optimization of audio quality by DSP

DSP stands for a digital signal processor. With a DSP Bluetooth chip, the Apple AirPods Pro can achieve audio optimization according to your ear canal shape. 

The ear-buds performance is adjusted by adaptive EQs. It can also recognize your voice when you say “Hey, Siri!”. 

Plus, the Apple AirPods Pro is resistant to water and sweat, which is good for exercise even under bad weather. The usage of DSP consumes very little power to prolong battery life.

Say “Hey Siri” to give commands

The Apple AirPods Pro surpasses the original version with the ability to summon Siri hands-free. 

You can give Siri a variety of commands and ask questions by saying “Hey Siri!.

Long Battery Life with wireless charging case

Given that your Apple AirPods Pro is fully charged, you can enjoy up to 4.5 hours of listening time. 

With the wireless charging case, it offers more than 24 hours of listening time on one charge. The fully charged wireless charging case can be used for multiple additional charges. 

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Apple Airpods with Wireless or Wired Charging Cases

Apple Airpods with Wireless or Wired Charging Cases
Apple Airpods with Wireless or Wired Charging Cases

The Apple AirPods with wireless or wired charging cases made a big difference for the users’ experience. 

The wireless charging case is compatible with the Qi-certified chargers. It gives you over 24 hours of listening time on one charge, but you can charge it for several times. 

With only 5-minute ultra-fast charging in the case, you can enjoy one hour of listening time. Pay £40 more, the wireless design will give you even more convenience to your daily usage!

Popular FAQs about Apple AirPods Pro

How much are AirPods?

The Apple AirPods with wired charging case costs £159, while that with wireless charging case costs £40 more. The AirPods Pro price is the highest. 

It costs £249, but with the unique functions of anti-noise & undo anti-noise modes and adaptive EQs. If you can afford it, why not enjoy the audio optimization?

What are the Apple AirPods Pro colors?

Originally, the Apple AirPods only offer the white color version from the outset. However, the ColorWare debuted its AirPods Pro colors with 16 solid colors and 16 metallic colors. Both with glossy or matte finishes to choose from! 

You can also choose the color for your wireless charging case. This is good news for those who dream of the AirPods Pro black! If you choose to paint both the Apple AirPods Pro and the case, it will cost you £189 more.

Otherwise, it will be only £40 more for painting the AirPods. The shipping will be 3-4 weeks.

How to charge AirPods Pro?

The wireless charging case of AirPods Pro needs a lightning cable for charging. 

The cable is included in the box, one end with USB-C and one end with the lightning connector.

Is Apple AirPods Pro worth?

Yes, the AirPods Pro surpasses the Apple AirPods with three main features. 

What is special about AirPods pro?

The anti-noise mode, adaptive EQ, and the water-resistance are unique to the AirPods Pro. 

What’s better Apple AirPods or Apple Airpods pro?

Airpods Pro offers you a high quality of audio experience by tuning music according to the shape of your ears. 

Its water resistance reaches the IPX4 rating, which can protect the microphone for up to 10 minutes of water splashing. Undoubtedly, Apple Airpods Pro is much more better for you.

Are Apple AirPods 3 coming out?

Yes. The production should begin in early or mid-April, stated the Taiwanese electronics industry. 

Although the pandemic causes uncertainty to the market, the shipment target of AirPods 3 sticks to 2020, according to Digitimes. 


The AirPods Pro costs only £50 more than the Apple AirPods with wireless charging case. However, it possesses three unique features to optimize users’ audio experience as perfect as possible. Those features are active noise cancellation, adaptive EQ, as well as sweat and water resistance. 

What’s more? 

It has three options of ear tips size, which is so-called a customizable fit! The users can also choose to cancel the noise or undo the noise cancellation very easily when they want. 

With one single charge, it can be used for up to 5 hours of listening time. While with the wireless charging case, you can use it for over 24 hours. Along with the DSP, the battery of the Apple Airpods Pro also lasts for a long time. 

Now, Colorware ends the era of the white-only version of the AirPods with the launch of the AirPods Pro. It’s the time to enjoy your perfect audio experience with the Apple AirPods Pro in your favorite color!

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