Best Weight Loss Machines For Home Use

10 Best Weight Loss Machines For Home Use

How the best weight loss machines have become the new hotness for working out at home?

Since the pandemic, more people are exercising from home.  Working out at home saves you time, and you can work out around your schedule.  

Up to 80% of gym memberships are not used.  Also, working out at home has become easier because you have the equipment you need.  The best machines for weight loss vary in price and size. You can make your own home by purchasing the best weight loss machines that are generally used at the gym.

Depending on your weight loss and fitness goals, the best equipment for weight loss should be considered very carefully if you plan to buy equipment.  Due diligence is needed so you don’t overspend on something you do not need or want.  So what are the best machines for weight loss?

What exercise Machines are Best for losing Weight?  

After conducting extensive research we have come up with 10 machines that are best for weight loss.  Whether your goals are to combat belly fat, lose weight, tone your body, or build muscle, you need the best exercise machine at your home.  

The best weight loss machines are treadmills, elliptical, indoor bikes, kettlebells, rowing machines, stair stepper, kickboxing, jump ropes, ab roller machine, and home gym.  These best weight loss machines are not only available in the gym, but they are also available for you to purchase to make your home gym.  

  • Save money on gym memberships
  • Your life is busy, so workout when you can
  • Exercising at home is more comfortable

10 Best Weight Loss Machines for Home Use

These weight loss machines are designed for both men and women to use.   Treadmills, ellipticals, stair steppers, and ab rollers are the equipment you see most of the time at the gym and happen to be the most popular pieces of equipment.    

Let’s look at treadmills.

1. Treadmill

Woman exercising on Elliptical trainer at home

The treadmill is one of the oldest on the market.  You can use one at a gym or you can buy your own.  Treadmills are good for walking or running.  There are different kinds of treadmills.  Having one in your home is the most convenient.  It is one of the best weight loss machines and the best investment for meeting all of your health goals.   

Treadmills are awesome because while you exercise you can watch TV, read a book, listen to music on your phone.  Treadmills will work for anyone no matter their fitness level.  It is a great way to burn calories walking or running.  

If you are new to exercise, walking on the treadmills is the best equipment to start out with.  Treadmills will help you to get in shape fast at your home. Of course, there are some pros and cons of buying a treadmill.  


Running on a treadmill is better for your joints than running on pavement. Your newer treadmills have shock absorption and cushioning.  

  • You can workout whenever you want
  • Get the body you have been dreaming of
  • Burn more calories


Maintenance Cost- there is a cost to maintain your treadmill.  If you purchase one of the more expensive models, you will need to keep it lubricated to protect it.

  • Expensive to buy
  • The life of the model
  • Space

2. Stationary bike

Young Woman Exercising On Stationary Bike At Home min

Very popular in the gyms and at home.  Indoor cycling is a cardio workout that you can do from home.  It helps strengthen your glutes and your quads.  

There are two different types of bikes you can purchase for indoor cycling.  Recumbent bicycles are bikes that have larger seats and are known to be much safer and a better option for people who have problems with their back.  

Stationary bikes are a fabulous piece of equipment to have at home to do cardio workouts and interval training.  


The recumbent bike is easier to assemble, easier to move, and affordable.

  • They are safe
  • You have your choice of different fitness programs
  • Easier to organize your fitness routines with the many program choices


  • LCD is small and simple
  • Burn fewer calories than on a treadmill
  • Challenge is not the same as riding an outdoor bike
  • It mainly works your lower body

3.  Elliptical

Exercising on the elliptical will help you burn abdominal fat and experience a good solid workout.  The machine is not hard on the joints and has a low risk of injury.  

The elliptical is good for a cardio workout that you can do from home.  

The latest versions of this machine are high-tech and most have touch screens.  


  • Exercises are low-impact
    • Workouts are effective
  • Is convenient to have one at home when the weather is cold outside. You won’t have to leave the house
  • It is an indoor exercise
  • You can set your own pace and see your progress


  • Costly
  • Not so user-friendly

4. Kettlebells 

Are effective for weight loss.  Exercising with kettlebells can help you gain muscle and help improve your balance and exercising with kettlebells is best for combining cardio and strength workouts.  

There are different types of kettlebells.  Cast iron, adjustable, and many more.  Kettlebell users recommend that the two best kinds to buy are Competition and Cast iron.  The Competition has a smaller handle than some others.  It is made for the use of one hand.  The main advantage is that you will not experience your hand sliding around when holding it.  With Cast iron, the sealed piece of metal will increase with weight. The handle is wider than the Competition kettlebell.


They are great to use for resistance exercises and leg exercises.

  • They are portable
  • Great for grip strength
  • They are good for working out your muscles on the backside
  • Increases functional strength


They are more expensive than dumbbells

  • Risk of injury
  • They do not come in different sizes.
  • They are not adjustable

5. Rowing Machines 

The rowing machine has been around a long time.  You get a full-body workout.  The rowing machine is a good, strong workout for your lower body.  

They are known to be effective for weight loss.  There are 4 different types of rowing machines.  Air, hydraulic, magnetic, and water.  The one you will choose to buy will depend on what fitness goals you are trying to reach.

Benefits of the Hydraulic Rowing Machine

It’s the best choice for home use.

  • Cheaper in price
  • The hydraulic rowing machines are not as noisy
  • The lower price is because it is a simpler design
  • Can fold it up and store it


The seats are fixed so it can hinder you from moving your legs.

  • You can’t adjust the hand height
  • Can’t adjust the resistance

6. Stair Stepper 

Woman exercising on Stair Stepper at hom

It is a great addition to working out at home.  

Climbing the stairs is great for losing weight.  It is excellent for working your lower body and helping you burn fat.  It is safe and easier for working out than climbing actual stairs.  There are 2 different kinds of stair steppers: step mills, and petal stair climbers.  


  • They offer the best stability
  • Worthy for any home gym
  • An awesome calorie burner
  • A low-impact workout
  • A muscle strengthener


  • Expensive
  • Too heavy, can’t travel with them

7. Ab roller

An Ab roller is best used for strengthening and toning your stomach muscles.  It has many benefits for your core and it is easy to use.  


  • The hand grips are comfortable and it has a double wheel for balance.
  • It is an easy workout
  • There is no pressure on the neck while using it
  • It is easy to work out with while creating intensity in your workout


  • Only good for working the front abs.
  • The knee pad is not designed for bigger people
  • It does not say it helps you to burn fat

8. Morning Walker

Morning Walker- is an aerobic exercise machine where you lay down and it massages your feet.  It comes with a remote and you can use it anytime, except, not right after eating,  and it can be used anyplace.  It is mainly used by older adults.  You get the benefits of walking while you lie down.  


  • Promotes strong bones
  • Reduces muscle fatigue
  • Massage organs
  • Strengthen spinal column
  • Balances your autonomic nervous system


  • Cannot be used right away after eating.
  • Cannot move while using it.
  • Not good for pregnant women to use
  • Cannot leave the machine unattended
  • Children should not use

9. Inversion Table

Inversion Table- Helps people who have back and spinal issues.  You hang by your legs, ankles.  It helps to align the spine.  You see these in the gym.


  • Can be an effective treatment for non-invasive 
  • Help get rid of toxins in your body
  • Can provide more rich blood 
  • Improve lung function
  • Cleans the sinuses


  • Traction can cause muscle problems.
  • Can increase pressure in your eyes
  • If you have a hernia, it may get worse
  • Your ankles may feel sore

10. Jump Ropes

Jump ropes are the best and easiest exercise to do.  Is good for burning fat and calories and the best part is that you can jump rope just about anywhere. 


  • Super Cheap
  • High-calorie burner
  • Fun
  • Can jump anywhere


  • Ground impact
    • Hard beginning
    • Conditioning benefits not as good
    • You can only go so fast

What Should You Consider When Buying the Best Weight Loss Machines?

If you are thinking about purchasing a treadmill or any other equipment for weight loss, it is best that you know what to look for.  For example, you always want to know how many varieties there are of one piece of equipment you are thinking about purchasing. You also want to know the benefits and which piece of equipment has the best quality. You also want to consider price, safety, and space.   For instance, when buying a treadmill it is important that you consider buying the highest quality for a treadmill that you can afford.  The reason is that treadmills most times will last 10 years.  You want to purchase one that has good horsepower and you will want to purchase a more expensive one if you plan to run on it.  The belt size is also important if you are going to run on it.  

Next, exercise bikes, depending upon your fitness goals, not all bikes are created equal.  You will want to check the weight limit and stability of the bike.  How stable the bike is important because you will not be able to exercise on it properly if it does not stay in one place while you are on it.  Your weight should not be above the recommended amount of weight the bike can hold.  If you have children, pay very close attention to the way the bike is built.  The reason for this is that many children have been injured on the

Elliptical-  What you want your elliptical to have when you purchase it is a warranty.  This is important because it will tell you if your elliptical is durable or not.  You also need to consider before buying your elliptical, is where are you going to take it if it has to be fixed.  You will want to purchase your elliptical from a fitness store that sells a variety of fitness equipment.  They will know how to help you with your elliptical if you need it. 

  • When buying an exercise machine, safety should come first
  • Learn to use the equipment properly to avoid injury
  • Compare pricing

Final Thoughts

For best practices when you buy fitness equipment always remember to know what you are buying.  Compare prices, quality, know the features, ask yourself is the product safe for me and my family to use?  Make sure that any equipment you decide to purchase has a warranty, and very important to know what kind of maintenance it may require. 

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