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How To Cure Boredom? How Can I Keep Myself Entertained?

Learn how to cure boredom with creative, productive activities. We’ll discuss the best new, and tried and true, ways to cure your boredom for good!

If you’re anything like us, and most people these days, you’ve run out of shows to binge and you’re wondering how to cure boredom whether you’re stuck in the house or not.  Do you feel like you’re treading water?

Sometimes, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut and feel as if we’re just moving through the motions of life without actually “living” it!

We know that it can be uncomfortable to try new things, so we’ve put together a few ideas that range from way outside your comfort zone to nestling right there in the small easy spaces of life where you can fit in a tiny change. 

How to cure boredom in small ways?

Some quick and easy ways to get rid of boredom include trying something new like cooking a new recipe, reading a magazine or article about a novel (to you) topic, or trying a fresh arrangement of everything in your space. Learning new things is like candy for your brain so while trying your hand at a new recipe, or cooking a meal for the first time, can seem daunting go ahead and try making one new thing each day and see if you enjoy it!  Your brain will thank you, we promise.  

You can get the same outcome from reading an article or story about a topic you normally never delve into, bringing a flood of new ideas (for free!) into your life. Read a genre of book you would normally never read or try watching a new show that you would never choose on your own.  You may even find that this is one of your favorite new ways to have fun!  Similarly, moving your space around and changing the furniture up can bring a breath of fresh air in and give you a new perspective.

The most important thing to remember when combating boredom is that everyone experiences this state of mind at some point.  Truth be told, even the seemingly most rewarding jobs, activities, and responsibilities have the capability to induce boredom.  The great thing about the world we live in today is that we have an infinite amount of information and connection available at our fingertips.  Try keeping boredom at bay by looking up fresh information from a news source or by reaching out to a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a long time.  Even a text message or funny meme can get a rewarding conversation started from the comfort of your couch! 

Be Creative to Relieve Boredom

Creative thinking

The world is your oyster and you have infinite possibilities! Being curious is one of the best ways to cure boredom for good. Give your mind the permission to wander, soar, hunger for knowledge, and ask questions without judgment or limits.  Your elementary school teachers were right, there are no stupid questions! A mind that is always thirsting for answers and new information is one that can never suffer boredom.  You may think that so-called “creative people” look a certain way or own a lot of books and art supplies, but don’t allow yourself to be put into a box or succumb to stereotypes like this.  

Easy (Mostly Free) Ways to Be Creative:

  • Build a blanket fort with chairs, living room or bedroom furniture, blankets, sheets, and pillows
  • Turn old magazines or coupon insert junk mail (the shiny coated kind) into beads
  • Consider watching a documentary on a particular topic you don’t know anything about
  • Pick up a regular, everyday use item and write down twenty other things you could use it for besides its intended use
  • Take a walk around the block without your phone
  • Pick a small DIY project from Pinterest that you already have the materials for

You can find amazing documentaries to learn about something new on almost any streaming service or on free sources like YouTube and Tubi.  Organizations like Internet Archive provide free borrowable books, movies, and music for you to experience; and let’s not forget about physical libraries that are always free.  You may even meet a curious soul like yourself, searching for a way to cure boredom,  when you head to the library.  Pro Tip: Try walking to the library instead of driving or taking public transport and notice all of the small things that jump out to you when you take a moment to slow down and take in your surroundings. 

Learn a New Exercise, Meditation, or Activity

Since everyone’s physical fitness is at a different level, there are a variety of healthy ways to have fun and feel good doing it. YouTube and TikTok provide a virtual bevy of videos showing new dances, workout routines, modified exercises, and yoga practices.  As any health guru will tell you, even five minutes of dancing, yoga, or activity, in general, is better than no activity at all.  When you need a little boost to your day to overcome boredom try blasting a dance video on a loop a few times until you have the moves down or search “five-minute yoga” on YouTube and get your stretch on!

Meditation is a great way to relieve both stress and boredom.  A body that is stress-free is free to explore more ways to be productive and healthy.  

Some easy ways to start a meditation practice include:

  • Take a deep breath, hold it for a second and then release it slowly while counting to five
  • While still in bed, before looking at your phone, in the morning take a few minutes to list and visualize all the things you are grateful for
  • Draw a bubble bath, ditch your phone/tablet and let go 
  • Try lighting sandalwood, frankincense, or lavender incense and taking five quiet minutes to focus on your breath going in and out

Kicking Boredom Out the Door 

In the end, the cure to boredom starts with making a conscious choice to take action.  Your boredom will persist if you side with inaction.  Pick up a new book, try to walk your cat on a leash, or actually teach yourself how to Dougie!  Allow yourself to be in a self-judgment free zone so you can be silly, be productive, be curious and take action. Your next new piece of brain candy is just around the corner!


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