How to Get Abs at Home

How to Get Abs at Home (for Girl) in 2020

If you are a girl and concerned about your fitness, you must be wondering “how to get abs at home “. We know going to the gym every day and maintaining a workout schedule is not that much easy. The point is when you can get abs at home “why would go to the gym every day”? 

To help you get abs at home, we have done extensive research and interviewed professional fitness coaches. Based on the research and interviews, we have written the best abs workout ideas to get abs at home.

To get the built Abs muscles and defined Abs you desired, you can engage in some of the exercises you will discover here. This fitness guide is designed based on proven results. But once you start exercising, you have to continue no matter what comes. Here in this article, you will figure out the best abs workouts for girls to get strong abs and become more powerful.

Out of getting the six-pack, strong abs will bring you benefits such as reduced back pain, improved posture, balance, and stability. You may also consider that Abs workout plays a crucial role in your posture. 

Exercising your abdominal muscle group is not a simple task. The reason is that not all the muscles do respond to the corresponding rate as well as the core group. Nevertheless, the Abs exercises for beginners for women is your solution because the movements exactly do the job and work on all muscle groups. 

When we are beginners, it is not easy to know how to start, which exercises you must do, which series, how long, all this without risk of injury.

We’ve got the solution for you! Simple and without any danger for your back and body, these Abs exercises for beginners help you to lose weight and achieve a muscular abdomen if you are going to do the exercises every day!

The must? They are easy to realize, anyone can do the abs workout, you can do it at home with very few sports equipment and it only takes 8 minutes!

Here are some FAQ about how to get abs at home for girls fast

Abs workout at home

How can girls get Abs at home? 

Simply look no more, we have got you covered! You just have to focus on the Top 4 abs exercises including Abs twist, plank, mountain climbers, and crunches. These exercises work in a different way and stimulate all your abs muscles in order to strengthen and define your six pack. These abs exercises are adapted for home. Consequently, you just have to find a quiet and spaced place and you need a very few sports equipment. 

How can a beginner tone their stomach?

Exercises advised on this article are specifically dedicated for beginners. They are easy to realize thanks to instructions. Furthermore, the combination of these movements is totally efficient because it involves all muscles abs group. Consequently, it atomically tones your stomach. The key is to do the entire training and not one by one a part. If you are regular, you will see strong abs in just 2 week and it’s proven. Rest assured and do the exercises regularly. 

How can I get abs at home in 2 weeks?

The repetition is the key to your success! 

If you want to achieve your goal, repeat your training every day by doing abs exercises for beginners for women, and get better abs that you never had before! 

Do not look for excuses, as it only takes 8 minutes per day, you can easily find time to get your dreamed six-pack.

Only 4 exercises to get abs at home in 2 weeks

Are you ready to change your body?

The goal of the Top 4 Abs exercises is to help you have strong abs easily in just 2 weeks. This training is basically composed of 4 different movements that work in a different way, positions and on different muscles. 

It allows you to diversify movements and makes your training easier and funnier to do. If you take pleasure by doing it, you will achieve your objective of having the six-pack quicker.

So let’s begin! 

#1 Twist Abs


The Twist Abs focuses especially on the obliques but it also works on your upper and lower abs. It is an excellent exercise to strengthen your stability and balance due to the position. 

The idea of this exercise is to Twist side to side by doing a rotation and touching the floor with your arms.

If it is not challenging enough, we recommend you to use a medicine ball (or another home tool like a bottle of 1L) to add resistance to your abdominal twist and consequently adding some difficulties. 

Your series: 

Twist Abs

Take your phone and program a timer of 1 minute of heavy Twist Abs. Repeat the movement and keep twisting until the beep goes off. Do your best!

Keep focus on your movement; do not forget to breathe and tighten your abs.

#2 The Plank 


The plank is one of the best ways to make your abs on fire. The plank engages all major abs muscle groups because it works on transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, the external oblique muscle, and the glute. By the way, it strengthens your arms and your trunk. 

You should start on your hands and knees putting on the floor. To get the best result to maintain a straight line between your feet and the top of your head. Support yourself by tightening your abs and your butt and holding your arms strong and straight. 

Your series:

The plank 

Keep in this movement between 20 and 30 seconds but as long as it’s comfortable. The longer is better but don’t take too much pressure at the beginning. 

Repeat the plank movement 3 or 4 times. 

Keep focus, do not forget to tighten your abs and your butt. 

#3 Mountain Climbers


This exercise works on the lower abs due to the movement of your legs. 

When performed at a rapid pace, Mountain climbers are also effective at cardiovascular training. 

Get into the plank position, make sure your body is in a straight line from your feet to your head. Bring your knee forward to your mouth by controlling the motion. Once you have raised your knee as far as you can, relax and push your knee back.

Do the same movement on the other leg. 

If it is not challenging enough, we recommend you to speed up by switching legs. 

Your series: 

Mountain Climbers

Make 20 repetitions before doing the same on the opposite leg. 

Keep your focus, do not forget to tighten your abs.

#4 Crunches


Crunches workout is one of the most famous exercises and pretty easy to do without any equipment. It especially focuses on upper abs and requests the rectus abdominis. The six-pack muscle running along the front of the torso. 

The rectus abdominis provides stability and performance. Consequently, strong back abs are the foundation of your daily movements and performance in other sports. Furthermore, strong back abs strengthen your back and prevent risks of injury. 

Lie down on your map or another flat surface, bend your knees and place your hands behind your head. The idea is to support your neck without taking any risk during the exercise. 

Contract your abdominal and up slowly until your elbows touch your hip. Your neck must be straight. Stay 2 seconds and lie down slowly, control your motion. Your shoulders must touch the floor but not your head. 

If it is not challenging enough, we recommend you to use a medicine Ball by catching the ball between your hands. When you’re up, touch your knees with the ball and lie down still slowly.

Your series: 


Repeat the movement 15 or 20 times by doing crunches slowly and make 3 series. The idea is not to do it fast but to feel your abs working by burning.

Do not take rest between exercises but try to sequence movements. If you want to challenge you, consider this training as 1 series. 

You make it once, take a rest of 1 minute and repeat this series twice or three times. The longer you will work, the quicker you will have results, don’t forget it.

What else you should know? 

Another point to note is that obviously, these exercises present some adaptations. Consequently, after doing these exercises for 1 month, you can change some movements and diversify your workout.

These 4 movements for abs have been specially thought to increase your muscle mass and balance the rest of your body. Repeat these movements every day, it only takes 8 minutes to do the workout. If you can’t do it every day, practice the training at least 3 times a week to have good results.

No matter how challenging the workouts are, remember your ultimate fitness goal. Keep your self-motivation always high. So, finally you have got the training plan, now it’s your turn to make your dream, always healthy & fit, come true. Start your workout plan with assurance because you have got the key to reach your goal “getting strong abs”. 

Don’t forget to watch your diet, it is one of the mainstays of success. Even if the workout is necessary, you need to have a healthy lifestyle to improve your performance. Healthy food, sound sleep, and healthy hydration are a part of your progress,you should consider your body as your extra powerful arm for your wellness.

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