FitnessHow to Jump Rope to Lose Weight Fast at Home?

How to Jump Rope to Lose Weight Fast at Home?

Hey guys, what’s up?! Today I’m going to talk about how to jump rope to lose weight fast and in the healthiest way possible. 

There are a lot of people out there who are really good at jump rope, but maybe they don’t have the body that you want. They don’t have that lean, muscular, or soccer-like physique. So, that’s because you can’t necessarily correlate jumping rope with having the body you want. 

You have to jump rope in a certain way to make sure that you are losing body fat. So, you are not gonna learn how to do the coolest tricks in this post, but you are going to learn how to jump rope in a way that’s going to help to remove your body fat and lose belly fat fast.  

So, How to Jump Rope to Lose Weight Fast?

1. Don’t Eat Before Starting Workouts (Fasting)

The first and most important thing when you want to lose weight with jumping rope is fasting before starting any jump rope workouts. 

You might ask, “what is fasting”? If you are new and already don’t know what fasting is, then let me explain fasting briefly. Fasting is just not eating anything during a specific period. 

When you wake up early in the morning, you usually eat honey nut cheerios or any healthy meals for breakfast. Instead of eating your breakfast right after waking up, do some jump rope and then eat your honey nut cheerios. 

But before getting your panties up in a bunch, listen. We understand that it may scare some people, but when you perform jumping rope on an empty stomach, you are not using glucose or fuel yourself during the workout session. But instead, you are fueling your body with body fat that literally means you are losing weight and body fat while doing jumping rope exercises. It is the best and healthiest way to lose body fat fast. 

So, we recommend you give it a shot and try fasting before jump rope workouts and then eat your breakfast after that. 

2 Use a Weighted Handle Jump Rope

Now step number two is to use a weighted handle jump rope. When it comes to losing weight with jump rope experiences, a weighted handle jump rope can help you lose your body fat faster. 

Using a regular speed jump rope, maybe you could do some excellent tricks. But you know what, you can’t burn as much fat as you need to burn to get the lean body you want. 

When you exercise with a weighted jump rope, it provides that much extra resistance that helps you burn more calories.

If you don’t have a weighted jump rope, we really recommend you getting one today. Because a weight jump rope is highly effective especially when you are struggling to lose weight. Click here to get one of the best-weighted handle jump ropes available on Amazon

3. Consider High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Now come to step number three. Here, we want you to incorporate HIIT exercises to lose weight even faster. 

Doing high-intensity interval training means putting your all-out effort with jump rope and then taking a break for 10 seconds. After resting for 10 seconds, you are gonna repeat for another 30 seconds of interval. 

You can do this repetition eight times in a single circuit. And then you can do this 3-5 times for one HIIT exercise. 

4. Only Do those Exercises that You Feel Comfortable with

If you are trying to do some wild tricks with jump rope, you are probably gonna mess up a lot. But you are not gonna burn a ton of calories that you are aiming for. 

So, I recommend you do only those exercises that you are comfortable with. I mean those exercises that you are already doing pretty fluently. 

For example; 

  • Regular bounce, 
  • Or Run in place 

If you are already pretty fluent in these jump rope exercises, you can do them even super fast and hard without necessarily messing up. And this results in burning thousands of calories per day – this is what you want, right?

5. Putting All-Out Effort Like Running from a Bear

Guys, this step number five is so important to pay a lot of attention to. I want you to do jump rope exercises with your all-out effort – like running from a bear to save your life. 

You need to imagine that if you don’t run faster, you are gonna get hunted by that mad bear. 

You need to make sure that you are going with an all-out effort. When you jump rope at a moderate pace, you might burn some calories and feel kind of good. 

But probably, it’s not gonna help you with your ultimate weight loss goal. You want to lose weight, you want to burn that body fat you are not comfortable with. 

So, make sure you are going with the all-out efforts that enable you to burn thousands of calories per day and achieve your weight loss goal in less time.  

6. Holding Arms out to Sides when Sniping Rope

You want to hold your arms out on your side so that you can spin your weighted jump rope as fast as possible to lose your body fat as quickly as possible. 

When you speed up your jumping rope, you are allowing yourself to burn much more calories in a very short interval of time. I believe you wouldn’t like to exercise all day to remove that fat from your body. 

7. Be Consistent (Minimum 3-5x/Week)

Consistency is the key here. No matter what you do, if you don’t do it consistently, you can achieve nothing. 

If you are a beginner you should do these jump rope workouts three to five days every single week. However, if you are already fluent in jumping rope, you should do these workouts five days every single week. 

Maintaining consistency can be very challenging, but once you can build the habit of being consistent in whatever you do, you can move mountains. Your dedication and consistency are the keys to losing weight fast and of course naturally. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are trying to get six-pack abs or a lean, sexy body, you need to work hard on your body and be consistent until you see some results. You can’t get a six-pack overnight, can you?

So, you must do these jump rope exercises three to five times every week to remove body fat and gain muscle fast. Just try your best to stick with it, and you are going to get the results you want. 

I hope you find this article helpful but if you are still not getting how to jump rope to lose weight, please feel free to leave us a comment, we will get back to you with useful info.

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