WellnessHow To Stay Focused, Get Rid of Distractions, and Improve Concentration?

How To Stay Focused, Get Rid of Distractions, and Improve Concentration?

When you are working towards a goal one will inevitably end up asking oneself how to stay focused and concentrate until that objective has been reached. Keeping yourself anchored can be a quick way to bring some productivity back into your life.  If you feel like you’re in a slump, it may be time to change things up. 

How Can I Train My Brain to Stay Focused?

It may sound difficult to get rid of distractions and get down to tackling your to-do list.  However, there are tried and true strategies to improve concentration and help you reach your goals. 

There are even ways to train your brain to be better at keeping centered on your intentions, no matter what they are. Staying motivated will rely heavily on your ability to focus on the task at hand while still maintaining your vision of the overall big picture. 

Simply telling yourself to focus, particularly when the task at hand is a boring one for you, may not do the trick all by itself.  However, we can all probably agree that the skill of centering your attention to tackle the items in front of you is something we all covet from time to time. 

Fret not, though.  There is light at the end of this tunnel! If you need some ideas and assistance in this arena, try some or all of these options.

How To Stay Focused?

Staying focused

1. Get Rid Of Distractions

We all know ourselves.  You may find yourself losing hours of time if you don’t avoid social media or you may get lost in a television show that was just supposed to be playing in the background.  Maybe you’ve found yourself typing the words of the song you were listening to instead of writing that research report?  

Putting down your phone and setting it to silent is a great way to allow yourself the time and space your brain needs.  The human brain, despite many popular beliefs, is not really built to multitask very well. That is why the choice to make a proper routine can take you far in executing your vision.  

When you set up a daily schedule and make time for each undertaking to be completed individually, you will end up getting to the finish line quicker. One way of setting up your schedule for success is called time blocking and is very similar to compartmentalizing. This sets aside time for everything in your schedule from eating breakfast to making your calls to answering emails and working out.

2. The Pomodoro Technique

This is another method of time management that results in high productivity and reduces distractions significantly. By use of a timer, the day is broken up into short working intervals, typically 25 minutes as this is a technique developed by Francesco Cirillo who used a tomato (in Italian, Pomodoro) timer during college to complete his work quickly and effectively.

Setting up a timetable and working in these smaller time chunks makes it easier for your brain to focus sharply on the immediate item your finishing.

3. Improve Your Physical Health To Improve Concentration 

Making the decision to be more mindful about your surroundings usually results in marketing improvement in concentration and the ability to remove inattention from your day. Some of the best ways to easily level up your health are as follows:

  • Get enough sleep so you can be fresh and focused each day
  • Make time for exercise in your life even it’s only a walk around the block to clear your head
  • Try meditation to give your mind the space it needs to work out problems
  • Do concentration exercises with a brain training app on your phone

Fuel your body with proper nutrition and healthy food choices that give you all the minerals you need to succeed.

Staying motivated

4. Learn to Set Goals

When we decide on something that we want to achieve, it sets the brain in motion. The human brain is a problem solving machine that often works even when we are at rest or sleeping. Setting a goal is like a trigger for your mind to start building a path and attracting the things you need to get there. 

One of the most important, and often skipped, steps in grounding your intentions is writing it down.  Using your hand and seeing your chosen objective written out in your handwriting solidifies it as something that is real and tangible. It turns that idea floating around in space into something that is attainable. 

Take the time to really flesh out your desire so that your brain can start to build a path, to set the building blocks in motion.  Keeping this written down a goal, and writing it down again every day, helps to improve concentration, in the same way, writing lines on the chalkboard does. Repetition is your friend, there is a reason that your parents told you to take your jacket when it was going to be chilly outside and you remember those things constantly repeated by your parents because they are grounded into your memory banks by retelling and echoing. 

Staying Focused on Your Why

The best way for you to figure out how to stay focused is to start with your reason for wanting to reach your goal. Are you doing this because you want to build a better life for your kids?  Do you have a goal set up to reach so that you can retire in a certain place or at a certain point in your life?  Is there something on the other side of that hedge that you want to experience?  Remember why you started on this project or plan to begin with and you will always find your way back to a place of clearly focused intent.


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