Weight LossHow Did Kelly Osbourne Lost 85 LBS of Weight

How Did Kelly Osbourne Lost 85 LBS of Weight

Weight loss is essential for overall health and wellbeing. The thing is, not everyone will need to lose weight at all in their lifetime.

As much as there are people who want to lose weight, others want to gain some more. It may be for the right or wrong reasons, but everyone wants to probably lose weight or wish they looked better at different points in their lives. Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss journey was no different.

Essentially most people would want to lose weight but do not necessarily need to, while most people that need to end up not even considering it as something to do.

This is why, when most people are ready to commit to weight loss, their weight is already at significant levels. This makes the task a lot more challenging than if they had just started the process a little bit early. 

Everything You Need to Know about Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Journey 

Kelly Michelle Osbourne was born to her father, Ozzy Osbourne, and mother, Sharon Osbourne, in Westminster, London. She had two siblings and an additional brother adopted by her parents. She is an American singer, actress, fashion designer, and model born on October 27, 1984. 

Her popularity mainly stemmed from Osbourne’s television series, which she did with her family, earning them an Emmy award.

She is also known for her role in E’s fashion police and dancing with the stars. She pretty much was a star at a very young age.

She grew up traveling around with her father on her tours, and she lived in different cities in the UK and US and attended private schools across England. As she grew older, she slowly started to gain weight. At first, she wasn’t concerned with the changes, but they became apparent more rapidly, and people started calling her names.

It only grew worse because she was an emotional eater. When she got upset, she started stress eating, and she only gained more weight. People began to avoid working with her.

She went into an even lower point in her life when the news of Joan River’s death, a prestigious member of the E cast, reached her. She got into depression and started drinking a lot.

As time went by and the E show was canceled, she became lost and, in subsequent years, transformed into a full-blown fat alcoholic. Her life started to take a turning point in 2017 when one day, she was fed up with everything and phoned her brother Jack Osborne to ask for help.

Kelly recalls telling him she’s done, she needs help, and she doesn’t want to be that fat alcoholic anymore. She explained how she became slowly invisible in Hollywood, and nobody could stand by her or encourage her.

To this day, she remembers who called her fat and still holds a grudge, she says. But everything, including the treatment she got, spurred her on her weight loss journey.

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss PhotosHow did Kelly Osbourne lost 85 LBS of weightKelly Osbourne before after weight loss photos

What to Know about Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Diet?

Kelly had to begin by cutting off alcohol. Till today she admits how not craving a drink helped her focus and channeled her energy in the right directions. She was temporarily a slave to alcohol and the presumed quick fix or relief it brings but had to end that part of her life to move forward.

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss diet consists of low-fat and low-calorie foods with many vegetables for protein and vitamins. She then graduated to an all-vegan plant-based diet that made the difference in her weight loss process.

Her first step in her weight loss journey was to stop drinking and start eating right. She began to accept the advice of eating healthy and slowly decided to stick to it.

She began going to the gym and exercising to keep up her progress. If you don’t work out and eat right, you gain weight, and she had to admit that to herself, which was her guiding force to keep going.

She later considered doing surgery and had to go for therapy before she decided even to have it. She wanted to control her emotional stress-eating spree, and it worked. 

What You Should Know about Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss Surgery?

Kelly Michelle Osbourne underwent Gastric Sleeve Surgery that helped her overcome her craving issues and stop constant emotional eating, which was a significant issue for her.

Physically all it did was change the shape of her tummy and remove the unnecessary fat there, and she still says it’s the best decision she’s ever made. Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss surgery helped her lose up to 85 pounds. 

Asides from that, she also had Temporomandibular joint dysfunction.  She had pain in her jaw and the muscles around it when she was still trying to lose weight fast. She went for treatment with injections around her jaw, which made her lose fat and look even better. It turns out she had buccal fat, and that problem made her add even more weight previously. 

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss transformation took place over two years of hard work and dedication. Through all these, her mum Sharon Osbourne was her biggest supporter, and she helped her through a lot of her doubting times. Though the surgery aided her transformation, in no way did it guarantee it.

If you don’t follow it up with workouts and the proper diet, you can quickly gain all that weight before you know it.

After overcoming her drug and alcohol addiction, Kelly still had a lot to do to overcome her weight challenges. She never viewed her new diet as a short-term decision or fix; she accepted a complete lifestyle change to be the person she truly wanted to be. Till today’s she says she never thought she’d be that girl that wakes up every morning to exercise. 

Final Thoughts

Through her highs a loss, she also maintains that she did this for herself and not anyone else. That it is crucial to commit to change that can comprehensively better your life. It may appear daunting and impossible at first, but you can always make it if you try. Now everyone loves her and how she looks but does not know it’s brave to get there.

In her last interview about losing weight, she expressed how she’s eager to see what the next step in her life would be and how it is essential to work on your mind as much as your body, as that is one of the things that pushed her to be the woman she has become today.

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