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Life Is A Game: How To Play It Right?

Life is a game and no one is going to tell you how to play it right. To succeed in life, you need to set the right goals and take the right actions at the right time. Setting goals is about more than just positive thinking and hoping.  One of the key things that separate the successful from the rest is taking action.  Take some time to go over the information in this article if you’re looking for a way to keep leveling up in the game of life. 

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players;” –WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE

What if we took it a step further, took a step into the twenty-first century, and said that life is a game?  Have you ever wondered, then,  what the secret is to winning the game? We’ll look into some principles revolving around a positive mindset and healthy habits in order to help guide you to find a place in the world where you are winning – every day.

Positive Thinking

How a Positive Mindset Sets You on a Path to Winning

While there are unquestionably numerous physical health benefits to engaging the brain in positive thinking, it is also the key to beginning on a path to success.

Fostering an optimistic way of thinking, at its core, helps to keep you going so that you can keep taking the right actions to reach your goals. 

Take, for example, a person you may know in your life who is always pessimistic about their surroundings and experiences.  The fatalistic energy that they are projecting outward through their thoughts, turn into actions and acts as a magnet for negative results. They may be focused, but they stay focused on the very bleakest parts of life and keep spinning their wheels in a life of doom and gloom. 

If we turn this way of being on its head and choose instead to focus on the good things in life and to be thankful for the positive parts of it that we already have, this positive mindset will attract more great things. This is widely referred to as the Law of Attraction

Taking Right Actions

Life is a game of strategy, once you have a plan you must take action. However, deciding what makes you happy (your version of success) is the starting point. Here are a handful of straightforward steps to take in order to reach that success you are looking for:

  • Define your desires, your idea of the life you want to live. You can set goals any day of the year, not just on New Years Day.  Be specific, write it down, and keep it somewhere where you can read it every day as you take actions toward that goal or set of goals.
  • Adopt an attitude of gratitude.  While it may sound silly or not important at first, it is the crux of how attracting great things in life works. Simply take a few minutes in the morning before you get out of bed or in the evening before you go to sleep to list out (extra life points if you write it down in a journal in your handwriting!) everything that you are grateful for in the past day. Take this a step further by writing down the things that you want in life as if you already have them and are very thankful for them already. Example: “I am so happy and grateful now that……”
  • Speak kindly to yourself.  If you catch yourself thinking or whispering cynical things to yourself take a moment to step back and breathe.  Then spin it into a positive thought.  Instead of thinking about all the debt that you have and how you wish you were not in debt, think instead about all of the awesome things you can do to bring in new streams of revenue.  

Change the energy around your thoughts. When you focus on the good things, you welcome more good into your life. 

Visualize Your Version of Success

  • Visualization has been identified as one of the key practices of all successful people. This is one of the healthy habits that you can pick up immediately. You can create a vision board with magazines, glue, and posterboard or create a digital one with a photo editing app and images from the internet.  This is for you to view, every day along with your goals, because visualizing what you truly want (and not the much less that you think you deserve at your lowest times) with images helps you to stay focused and draw those results to you.
  • Take action today!  Don’t wait, start now!  You’ve delved in your desires, set your goals, and created your vision, and now is the time to start taking steps towards that success.  You will develop strategies as you go as long as you keep going. There will be many trips and falls along the way, just keep getting back up and trying again until you’ve reached your goals. 

Don’t Take Anything, Especially Yourself, Too Seriously 

If you’ve read through the information above and you’ve decided to adopt the mindset that life is a game then we want you to know that we’re rooting for a team you, just as you should. Life will deal you blows and there will always be unexpected curve balls. That is okay.

What is important is how quickly you come back from those setbacks.  Move forward quickly and do not dwell on negative things, especially things that cannot be changed and are in the past.  This moment is all that we have and the future is waiting for us to seize each and every moment.


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