Powerbeats Pro wireless Earphones Review - The Best Workout Headphones

Powerbeats Pro wireless Earphones Review – The Best Workout Headphones

Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are the best workout headphones you will find in the market today! In this review, I have written down my experience and I truly hope that it will help to make the right decision to purchase your perfect headphones.

Before I explain how the best workout headphones worked in my day to day activities like running, jogging, workout sessions, yoga sessions, study, and so on. I want to tell you exactly why I wanted to buy this apple beats Powerbeats Pro.

Why Should You Buy Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones?

Why Should You Buy Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones?
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In my daily life, headphones have become a necessary fashion item at home or out. I mainly use headphones for music. Most of the time I use Spotify to play music, and I truly enjoy the rhythmic music passing through my earphones. The connected devices of my headset are iPhone8 and iPad6 and I love these headsets.

To be honest, before deciding to buy wireless headphones, I always used the wired headphones that came with the iPhone. But one thing I realized is that wireless headphones are more convenient for me.

Because I must participate in daily activities at home and go to class every day. Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones give me the instant vibe that I just need to manage all the daily stresses that come in my way. 

To manage all the stresses that I experience every day I just need to listen to my favorite music.

No matter what the kind of stress I experience, I just put my Powerbeats Pro on my ears all and the stresses and negative feelings are gone.

The Best Workout Earphones Ever

The Best Workout Earphones Ever
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Music is my main source of strength and my Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are the perfect fit for my music needs. 

When AirPods were released, I was overthinking whether to buy it or wait for Apple beats Powerbeats Pro. Eventually, I started searching on google “ should I wait for Apple beats Powerbeats Pro” or buy AirPods and started reading reviews and articles.

After reading some reviews and articles, I became excited about Apple beats Powerbeats Pro and I waited until my Powerbeats Pro got released! 

The original headphones I used before, although there is not much problem in sound quality, sometimes they are still a little lost compared to Powerbeats Pro. The fact is the original headphones cannot play the sound well.

However, Apple beats are not the same. For me, it is convenient to carry, and it can maximize the sound effect. The most important point is that Apple Powerbeats Pro saves power. When I rush the battery, I can listen to songs for about 2 hours every day, which can keep the usage for 2-3 days. This is a good item for me.

Specification and Features: PowerBeats Pro wireless earphones

Specification and Features: PowerBeats Pro wireless earphones
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High-Performance Workout Earphones

This time, Beats ’new Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones have improved the appearance of wireless headphones based on the original ones, making this Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless earphone look more compact and portable. 

At the same time, Powerbeats Pro have strengthened the waterproof and sweat-proof aspects of the headset. Besides, the headset lasts up to 9 hours, and calls can last up to 6 hours. Compared to similar products AirPod, Apple Powerbeats Pro uses about twice as long as AirPod. 

The sound quality of Apple Powerbeats Pro has also been greatly improved, and you can enjoy music while you do the sport.

Wireless that Works

Powerbeats Pro has upgraded Bluetooth, using class 1 Bluetooth technology. This makes wireless earphones applicable to a wider range. It allows Bluetooth to stay connected to the wireless headset at any time, whether you are in sports or daily activities, you can use your headset smoothly. 

Also, the two earbuds of Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are independently connected to your device. Powerbeats Pro can distinguish between external noise and target sound, and it can easily be connected to your device (Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac).

Power & Play

Still worried about training outside for a long time, will the marathon run out of wireless headphones? Get your Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones and enjoy the music festival it brings you. 

This Apple Powerbeats Pro can be used for up to 9 hours. When the headset ’s battery is very low, fast charging only takes five minutes to support it for a long time. When you go out, you don’t have to worry about power.

Play Both Sides or Just One at a Time

The Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones are designed so that both headphones have full volume and audio track controls. You don’t have to adjust the music through your device. When you insert the earbuds into your ears and start to exercise, the device will be automatically detected and start playing music.

Compatible with IOS and Android 

The Apple Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones also fit in IOS.

Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones Comparison
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Airpods Pro vs Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones Comparison 

Beats Powerbeats ProApple AirPods Pro
User reviews4.54.7
Maximum Run Time9 hours run time5 hours run time
UseSportsDJ/Studio, Sports
Sound OutputStereoStereo
Included AccessoriesEar TipsEar Tips
Remote Control FunctionNext/Previous TrackNext/Previous Track
FeatureWith Microphone, With Rechargeable BatteryWith Microphone, Noise Canceling
Comparison Table

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Powerbeats Pro vs Airpods Pro Comparison vs BeatsX

Powerbeats ProPowerbeats WirelessBeatsX
PriceFrom $149.95From $149.95From $149.95
Noise CancelingN/AN/AN/A
Sweat+water ResistantYesYesN/A
Battery LifeUp to 9 hours Up to 15 hoursUp to 8 hours
Fast Fuel ChargingYesYesYes
Bluetooth Wireless ConnectivityYesYesYes
Apple Audio ChipApple H1 ChipApple H1 ChipApple H1 Chip
AndroidTM CompatibleYesYesYes
Built-in mic and controlsYesYesYes
Comparison Table 2

Popular FAQs aBout Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones 

Is the Powerbeats Pro worth it?

Truly wireless Powerbeats Pro is a big step forward for Apple-owned headset brands. Compared with products of the same price, Apple Powerbeats Pro is better.

How long does Powerbeats Pro last?

The increased size of the Powerbeats Pro greatly extends the battery life. Apple said that Powerbeats Pro can provide 9 hours of battery life during playback and 6 hours of battery life during calls.

Powerbeats Pro has a “quick refueling” function that can be recharged for 1.5 hours in just 5 minutes. Powerbeats Pro is undoubtedly the winner in terms of battery life, and its listening time is almost twice that of AirPods Pro. 

As a result, you may only be able to keep the Powerbeats Pro charging case at home, not in your pocket.

Are Powerbeats Pro noise Cancelling?

Apple Powerbeats’ in-ear design has a certain effect on noise isolation. And Beats ’active noise reduction, also known as Pure Adaptive Noise Reduction (Pure ANC), digitally reduces ambient sound. 

Internal and external microphones on the headset measure the harmful environmental noise, and the internal circuitry cancels the sound at a certain frequency. Whenever you turn on a headset with this feature, Active Noise Reduction is enabled by default.

Do Powerbeats Pro hurt your ears?

If you use Apple Powerbeats Pro correctly, you will find it flexible and comfortable in your ears. Do not push it into your ear, you need to pull the earlobe back to open the canal, after that just put it. The Powerbeats Pro hurt your ears instead you will feel the music and get peace of mind.

Can you swim with Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro has been redesigned, this time with new technical components and materials. Enhanced shell and ventilation to improve sound quality and sweat and water resistance. These Powerbeats Pro earbuds are sweat and water-resistant, but not waterproof, so don’t immerse them in water.

One of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It changed the way I enjoy my workout Sessions and other daily activities. I highly recommend you to try this one.

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