BEIRON ANDERSSON total body workout routine

Total Body Workout Routine To Burn Fat And Build Muscle

This is a science-based total body workout routine that is designed for those who want to burn fat and build muscle in just 1 month. 

Before suggesting to you this total body workout plan we performed the workouts ourselves. Surprisingly it worked for us and those we know personally. 

So, have you been trying to burn fat and build muscle to get Six Pack? 

If your answer is yes, you are welcome in advance. We have designed a proven workout plan that will help you to get a six-pack in 1 month. 

To take advantage of this killer total body workout routine, we highly recommend you perform the workouts on a regular basis. 

Best total body workout routine to maximize body strength, build muscle, and lose fat 

You will get results fast if you train five to six days a week. But when your schedule is packed, perform this monster full-body workout twice a week.

Weighted Pullup**56–12
Weighted Dip 4To failure
Bench Press412, 10, 8, 6
Hanging Leg Raise***4To failure 
Inverted Toe Touch (with Gravity Boots) 4To failure 
Sled Push****530 yards each 
Back Squat412, 10, 8, 6 
Front Squat310, 8, 6
Sumo Deadlift48, 6, 4, 2
Power Clean 48, 6, 4, 2
Walking Lunge 420 steps each leg 
Sled Pull with Rope 340 feet per set 
Belt Squat 320, 16, 12
Med Ball Throw315 each side
Med Ball Pushup4To failure 
Handstand Pushup*****4To failure
Table 01: Total Body Workout Routine
  • Begin with a 10-minute warmup to get the blood flowing: jumping rope or using a cardio machine like the elliptical or treadmill.
  • Do the first set without weight. Don’t include weight, If you’re unable to perform more than 12 pullups without weight. The same goes for weighted dips.
  • You can also do knee raises. To do these accurately, you should strive to pull up legs or knees just like you’re uncovering your rear end to the world.
  • Now you need to add weight by each set to complete with a large sled.
  • You can additionally perform a standing barbell (or dumbbell) overhead press alternately. 


If you feel like you’re unable to perform these, then substitute in a barbell or dumbbell military press to get the same result. 


Grab a barbell, resting on the floor, and pull it up to your body. Once it reaches your thighs, drive your hips to clean the bar to the front rack position. 


A wider stance is favorable for those with less range of motion in their hips. It’ll also better activate your glutes and hamstrings. 


Resting the bar across your shoulders is a better alternative for those who experience wrist pain with traditional front squats. 


Holding a med ball, pivot onto the toes of your back foot and, keeping arms straight, rotate your torso to launch it.


The dangling weight will create more tension throughout the movement, making this exercise a killer way to burn out your entire lower body.


To perform the hanging leg raises properly you need to hang from a pullup bar. Then you need to bend your knees and bring your legs up contracting your core. 

If it’s hard for you to keep them straight, then you should bend them. 


Keep your chest up and shoulders back, then lunge forward until your front thigh is parallel with the ground. Continually lunge forward with each step. 


Gravity boots allow you to hang upside down for situps. However, if you don’t have access to them, perform standard situps. 


The Sumo deadlift places more of an emphasis on the hip drive. To lock out the weight, drive your hips forward once the bar passes your knees. 


Lock your shoulders into place and drive the sled with your lower body. This is a full-body move, so resist the urge to push the sled with your arms. 


If you cannot perform 12 perfect body-weight pullups, then check your ego and perform all the sets with only your body weight.

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Diet plan for your total body workout program

Working out is a no-brainer. But when it is time to get a muscular body, your diet plan will help you make it happen. 

Those who’re looking to burn fat and build muscle – we highly recommend including high-protein and low-carb diet in their meal. Because that is rich in healthy fats plus contains limited to no alcohol at all. 

Here’s an example of what you should consume in an entire day during your total body workout program.

8 A.M.: MEAL 1 

Steel-cut oatmeal with 3 grams psyllium husk (for fiber and volume) and cinnamon and stevia (for taste) 3 large eggs: poached, boiled or scrambled (if scrambled, use coconut spray for the pan) 


11 A.M.: MEAL 2 

Beef, turkey, or chicken Salad with vegetables like red cabbage, spinach, mixed greens, broccoli, and red beets with a dressing made of balsamic vinegar and oil 


2 P.M.: MEAL 3 

Tuna, salmon, beef, or pork Salad with vegetables, avocado, and squeezed lemon or flaxseed oil 


5 P.M.: MEAL 4 

Grilled or baked salmon (wild not farmed) Broccoli or spinach with squeezed lemon for dressing 1 slice Ezekiel toast with 1 tbsp grass-fed butter 


8 P.M.: MEAL 5 

Protein shake with 35g protein 


30 minutes before bed 

Magnesium citrate

It relaxes the body and aids in metabolism, bone and cell formation, and nerve transmission. We recommend doing a high-intensity cardio session (burpees, jump rope, hill sprints, Spinning, and so on) before breakfast. 

Low-carb, no-sugar protein drink

You can have a low-carb, no-sugar protein drink or BCAAs before this cardio session but the point is to use your fat as fuel. 

Therefore, you do not want to eat and give your system fresh glucose as fuel. This session should be intense so your metabolism kicks into high gear.

If a meal is missed, you can substitute that meal with nuts like nonsalted almonds, walnuts, or pecans; fruit such as an apple or a banana; or a protein shake. I would like to add some frozen blueberries to your protein shake. Great antioxidants.

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