FitnessWhat Are the Best Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners?

What Are the Best Low-Impact Cardio Workouts for Beginners?

What are the best low-impact cardio workouts for beginners? Are you new to the world of exercise? Do you always feel lethargic and doubt if you can perform all these workouts, you see online? Don’t worry, it’s a normal reaction to newbies.

As the popular saying goes, “exercise is 10% physical and 90% mental”, once you view something as impossible, it most likely will be. 

Low impact cardio workout was created to help athletes and sportsmen slowly get into shape after a lengthy injury layoff. It is one of the most effective cardio for weight loss and still manages to remain doable even by beginners. This type of workout works great because it exercises the entire body without being too tasking or challenging on the body. 

In this post, we’re going to discuss the best low-impact cardio workout for beginners in detail, so keep reading.

What Is Low Impact Cardio?

Low impact cardio may simply be defined as any exercise that quickens your heart rate while exerting minimal stress on your joints. Although it is usually mistaken for a low-intensity workout, it differs in that you still work a sweat and increase your heart rate while reducing the risks of injury. 

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What Are the Benefits of Low Impact Cardio for Weight Loss?

Low impact cardio workout has a variety of positive influences on both your physical and mental health, these include.

  • Improved cardiovascular health: Any sort of exercise has an effect on your overall health, and low impact cardio is one of the most effective cardio for weight loss. With your improved heart health, you gain a boosted metabolism, and protection from numerous illnesses like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. 
  • Your joints will thank you: Low impact cardio workout has a more docile effect on your joints than more strenuous exercise routines. This makes it a preferred workout for those with weak knees or joint injuries. 
  • Better overall mood: Exercise is a great way to boost your mood as the activity helps increase your brain’s production of endorphins. This means you feel much better after your low cardio workout, a feeling sometimes referred to as “runner’s high”. 
  • Consistently build strength and endurance: Low impact cardio exercises like yoga help you gain muscle without the extra strain that comes along with strength training. That means you get all the benefits of more intense training without the potential damage. 

5 of the Best Low Impact Cardio for Weight Loss

There are many types of low-impact exercises for weight loss at home to choose from, but some work better than others. Let’s discuss 5 of the best low-impact cardio workouts that will help you lose weight fast.

1. Cycling

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If you’re looking for a great workout that will have little to no impact on your joints while still working up a good sweat, cycling should be topping that list. This low-impact cardio works so well because it is a full-body workout targeting normally dormant areas of the body for weight trimming. 

You can choose to do it the traditional way and ride a bike outdoors or you can utilize a stationary bike in your home or at the gym, either way, you will get a major increment to your heart rate.

You could also consider using it as a mode of transit, thus, taking the “workout” part of the activity and just working a sweat to and fro from the grocery shop. 

2. Swimming

Can swimming help you lose weight
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There’s a reason why they call it the “swimmer’s body”, this low impact workout has an astonishing effect on your overall health and mood while still providing you with a full-body workout. 

Swimming helps you increase your heart rate while also working your muscles at the same time, all this, with minimal impact on your knees and elbows.

What’s more, you can swim in several places including pools, streams, beaches, etc. Making it a great exercise that you can perform anywhere you are located.

3. Yoga

Are Yoga exercises helpful for weight loss
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You may be wondering, ” is yoga a low impact cardio workout?”, well, anything that quickens your heart rate and works your muscles is classified as an exercise.

And this is exactly what yoga does, often viewed as an esoteric way of relieving stress, yoga has shown itself to be a great mood booster and fat burner. 

Several types of yoga target different areas of the body and also vary in intensity, so depending on what types you practice, you can get some sweat going with little to no impact on your joints. 

4. Walking/Jogging

Walking or Jogging for fast weight loss
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During conversations about weight loss, simple exercises like jogging and simply taking a paced stroll are usually lost in the wind.

But it is difficult can deny the health benefits of jogging a mile while listening to music or walking down the street in the evening after work. 

It is a good low-impact cardio workout for beginners and works wonders on mental health while still helping eliminate some unwanted fat in the body by boosting your metabolism and putting your body in active mode.

Most people work a stationary job where they stay in one place for hours, this is a great way to get those juices flowing in your free time. 

5. Elliptical

Are Elliptical workouts effective for weight lossA major mainstay in the average gym, the elliptical is a very effective low impact cardio for weight loss.

They are a good supplement for outdoor running and can also be an alternative to it, although a stationary exercise machine, they can mimic the running movement with minimal strain on the knees.

The elliptical can be a useful low impact cardio workout at home as it offers a full-body workout where you use both your hands and legs to keep the machine moving. 

Final Thoughts

Low-impact cardio workouts are getting more popular as more people search for less stressful ways to start their fitness journey. It offers all the advantages of a more intense workout while still being relatively easy on the joints, this is why it is recommended to the elderly.

These workouts laid out above are great options for low-impact cardio workouts for beginners, you can start with one and slowly include the rest.

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